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New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


Chaar & Sons performs a wide range of home renovations and repair services. We specialize in historic properties, but we bring our focus on detail & execution to each and every project.

Hardwood Refinishing & Restoration

Chaar & Sons specializes in revitalizing and replacing historic floors.

Bathroom Remodeling

Whether you’re looking for a new tub or your dream bathroom, we’re here to help.

Flooring Installation

Beauty is in the details. So, our flooring installs are meticulous with a focus on precision & perfection.

Painting & Drywall

Floating drywall is an art. We deliver perfectly seamed walls and the professional paint jobs that they deserve.

Interior Carpentry

From Framing to Finish, our elite team of carpenters can execute the most complicated jobs.

Exterior Carpentry

GNO exteriors are complicated. Chaar is here to help with historic detail-work and new siding alike.

Custom Interior Millwork

Doors, Trim, Molding, Panels…

Chaar & Sons will meticulously fabricate and install even the most obscure designs.


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